Auto Body Repair

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Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair   | Qualitek Auto Body Shop - Austin, TX

There are many different reasons that our clients may need auto body repair services. From dent repair to total restoration, we are able to help you. Qualitek Auto Body Shop will assist you in the auto body repair of your vehicle at the most affordable price in Austin! Your automobile is our passion, so it is important for us to serve the community and provide excellent service at a reasonable price.

Body Rebuilding—Our repair technicians believe in providing price-efficient auto body repair work that is relevant to each vehicle we encounter. From the custom framework to fiberglass, we are able to repair the vehicle no matter what!

Custom Painting—We use custom paint specialists to match your price points. Our employees are not afraid to provide you with the custom paint job that shows our auto body repair shop delivers the best results.

Imports—As your auto body repair shop we also specialize in catering to imported vehicles. We are committed to being your local car care and preventative maintenance repair shop. The level of expertise within our shop is matched by no other shop in Austin, and this includes our knowledge of imported vehicles as well. We are known to use the latest technology in our shop. The extent of work that we perform on imported automobiles includes brakes, front and rear ends, engine diagnostics and repairs, electronics service and repairs, as well as many diagnostic services.

Heating and Cooling Services—There are many reasons that you may need heating and cooling services performed for your vehicle. It could be that the defroster takes longer than usual to operate, or that the A/C in your vehicle only works when driving and not when it is sitting idle. Either way, we are equipped to diagnose and repair the problem.

As the go-to auto body repair shop in Austin, we specialize in hail damage repair, collision services, paint repair and pinstriping. Our professionals are trained in everything from detailing to fiberglass service and repair. We do it all!

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